Today is January 30, 2007 and this will be my first post on this blog. I am launching this blog to contribute to the on going conversation about interactive marketing.  I spent the last ten years at CoolSavings/Q Interactive, the last five as the CEO.   The staff and I spent the majority of our time either buying or selling interactive marketing services. We booked $250 million in revenue from 2000 to 2006 and spent a considerable portion of that revenue buying media and sharing revenue with distribution partners.  Our model was similar to Advertising.com, ValueClick and others who built large ad networks by creating sophisticated targeting and optimization technology and applying a large sales effort against the resulting inventory.   These companies brought value to publishers because their scale allowed them to invest more heavily in sales capacity and technology optimization.

I left Q Interactive in August of 2006 and launched a new company called Viewpoints Network that is less direct marketer and more publisher.  We are totally focused on the consumer and meeting their needs so that our site grows through repeat usage and word of mouth.   We are attempting to build a next generation publishing company that is based on what I would loosely call "distributed publishing".  More on that in my next post.

In any case, I look forward to opening a dialouge with the Interactive Marketing community and addings somethign to the conversation.

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