Big news! New profile page on

When we launched last September we set out to create the most social platform for consumer reviews on the web. Our basic premise was that a social reviews platform would help create more context around the reviewer and in turn help our users, the people reading the reviews, make smarter decisions about everything from choosing the right digital camera to picking a hotel that met their specific needs.

I am happy to announce that we have taken that focus to another level. Last night we launched our completely remodeled profile page to give members new and exciting ways to engage with others and feature their reviews. Since this is my personal blog I will give you the run down using my own profile page as an example.

  1. First, you can check out my public profile page here: You will immediately notice the addition of my own mini blog, a place for “my motto” and the ability to leave me a private comment. All of those features are new.
  2. Second, if you explore the “I Am” tag cloud in the left hand column you will see how you can filter and browse my reviews by the tags I have used to describe myself with those reviews. So for example, click on the “5 star diner” to see my 27 reviews of restaurants that include that tag.
  3. Below my blog posts on my profile page you will also see my “Fun Facts & Interests” and then a list of my most recent reviews and message board conversations.
  4. Next to my reviews and just below my “I Am” tag cloud you will also see some of the friends and fans I have recently made on Viewpoints and links to my photo collage and a beta project that helps you explore the connections among my friends.
  5. You can find one of my favorite features by clicking on the “Reviews” link just to the right of my profile picture at the top of the page. Now we give our members and readers a whole new way to explore any reviewer’s reviews. You can filter these reviews by my I Am tags or by category, by rating or by date. So for example, if you want to see the 11 hotel reviews or the 15 movie reviews or you can filter my reviews by “I Am” tag to see my 6 sushi lover reviews or my 5 wine lover reviews
  6. The Friends & Fans section of the profile page gives you boatload of new ways to see the friends you have and make some more. If you are logged in you will also see what friends you have in common with anyone else on the site. I found it really helpful to view people who were my fans that I knew and needed to make them friends.
  7. The Photos page proves the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. We have expanded the number of photos that you can upload as part of your profile to 27 photos and we have built a “Review Photo Album” to show off all the photos you have uploaded as part of your reviews. Check out the picture of me and the family in front of the Supreme Court sporting my Viewpoints T-Shirt!
  8. As if all this wasn’t enough, we also have some great new features that you have to be a member for. Be sure to register and log in and look at the “Edit Profile”, “About Me” and “Settings” links just to the right of your picture. A personal favorite of mine is our new “Member Interests Survey” that helps connect you with other members who share your interests.
  9. Also, don’t miss the “view more stats” link just under your Stats Snapshot on your profile page. I have had more than 36,000 views of my reviews since we started tracking back in April. That is a pretty cool stat to track but the coolest thing of all is to see how you can write a review that starts getting readers almost immediately. My recent review of Hub 51, a new restaurant just down the street from us has already received 331 views in just a few weeks. It is also nice to know that more than 10,000 people have read my review of the Westin Heavenly Mattress!!

And after all that, here are two hidden gems that we clearly need to highlight more.

  • After you have made some friends be sure to check out “latest friends’ activity” which you will find a link to in the left column of your friends & fans page. It is pretty cool to be able to see what all of your friends are up to including the ability to filter by reviews, discussion posts, friends, photos, comments and blog entries.
  • After you have completed your Member Interest Survey be sure to follow this link: to then write 10 quick reviews on product, services or businesses that you have personal experience with. We created this format to make it easy and fun for you to jump right in! We use your interests to suggest things to review.

Phew!!! How our development team managed to pack all of that into this project I will never know but my hat goes off to them. Congratulations to our incredible technology team.

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