Viewpoints Update – October 2008

(This was originally sent out as an e-mail and I later realized it should also be a blog post)

Two years ago the team here at Viewpoints set out to build a new platform for consumer reviews. We wanted to bring reviewers to life and give them an opportunity to write great reviews.   At the end of the day our goal is to help consumers make smarter decisions in their everyday lives.  

I am pleased to report that we have made fantastic progress toward our goals in this respect.  In just one short year since our official launch, we have attracted more than 900,000 monthly users and have registered more than 125,000 members to join our growing community of reviewers.

Just this week we launched a major upgrade to our profile pages that give our members more ways to feature their great reviews and interact with fellow community members. Over the last year we have incorporated a long list of features such as message boards, blogs, photo galleries, private messaging, stats and advanced member profiling.  Take a look at my profile page to see many of these features in action or read our recent blog post that provides a more detailed overview of the many great features in this release.

I am also pleased to report that it is not only our users but also advertisers who have seen the value in the Viewpoints solution.  Leading advertisers such as Proctor & Gamble, Kenmore, Tivo, Panasonic, HP and partners such as Google and eBay  have seen the benefit of running campaigns targeted at active “in-market buyers” and social influencers. Additionally we have also created co-brand versions of our site for several large clients who are interested in building an online community for their customers.

So that is the quick update, but we promise to be back more often than every two years to fill you in on all the exciting news here at Viewpoints!

Be sure to check out Viewpoints for all your holiday gift giving needs.

Warm Regards,

Matt Moog

Founder & CEO


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