Viewpoints Update – February 2009

Here we are again.  February 4th.  Two days after Ground Hog Day, three days after the Superbowl, ten days until Valentine’s day, seventeen days until my birthday and only forty five days until the first day of spring. Can you believe it? Are you ready? Can we help you get ready?

This e-mail is ostensibly an update about the all the great stuff going on here at Viewpoints. (Did I tell you monthly traffic has more than tripled in the last year?)  But rather than tell you about every new feature we released (did someone say iPhone app?), I personally think it is much more interesting to show you Viewpoints in action in a way that might even be helpful to you.  In that spirit and in keeping with our mission to help consumers make smarter decisions, here is my personal list of Viewpoints inspired ideas to help you make it through the dog days of winter:

1.    First, are you are feeling a bit of flat screen envy from your neighbors 46 inch flat screen monster that you watched the Superbowl on but having problems figuring out how you are going to stomach dropping $3,500+?  Well then check out the Vizio – VW42L HDTV – one of our reviewers say “If this TV was a woman I’d marry her…” and only $850!

2.    But perhaps your stomach is in knots over what to get your sweet heart for Valentine’s Day. For those of you on who like your sweets, may we suggest Lindt Lindor Truffles? Our reviewers say there is “heaven in every bite!”. Too decadent? Perhaps a good book?  My wife and thirty of our reviewers loved Eat, Love Pray and Loving Frank.  Not creative enough?  Try out Nike ID, the service that lets you design your very own Nike shoes for your Valentine.  Of course, you can hit the jewelry counter at Barney’s at the last minute but that will cost you a lot more!

3.    Now my birthday.  So you barely know me?  Perhaps the I could give some advice for aonthera 39 year old laptop and e-mail obsessed entrepreneur in your life that could use a little diversion?  My wife recently got me Marcus Sakey’s Good People and Ted Turner’s autobiography Call Me Ted.  I highly recommend them both. If you are looking for something a bit more gadgety, I love my Bose In-ear Headphones and so do the 24 Viewpoints members who gave them a 4.88 rating.

4.    And now for Spring.  Have you seen the latest rage in barbeque grills?  If you love the smoky flavor in your steaks, check out the Big Green Egg.  Or if you are stuck with the spring cleaning, perhaps a new “Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner” a category where Dyson takes the top honors. Planning your next big get away?  We just had great luck with Vacation Rentals By Owner,(  to find vacation rentals.  Lots of great deals in this economy!

And just for a bonus for any of you iPhone users out there here is a quick list of iPhone apps that I find myself using frequently these days: Pandora, iHandy Level, Twitterific, New York Times, tChessPro, PacMan, Black & White, Peg Jump, 15 Puzzle, and Labryrnith.

And last but not least, join me in welcoming Todd Koehler our new VP of Product Management and Katie Brauner our new marketing associate. Be sure to check out their profile pages on Viewpoints and say hello! Can you guess which one panned Twilight, loves Britney Spears and makes exotic bread with the Zojirushi Bread Machine, thinks the D-Link Router is not up to snuff and can’t get enough of Facebook?

As always, please keep Viewpoints in mind to reach in-market consumers who are actively researching purchases and social influencers who enjoy spreading the word about their experiences with products.

We are actively looking for advertisers and partnership opportunities.

Stay warm until winter is over and spring begins!


Matt Moog


Viewpoints Network


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