1871 – Let’s Build Something

Originally posted on Built In Chicago.


Today we announced 1871, a center for digital entrepreneurs to instantly plug into a vibrant community of peers, mentors, partners, and investors. 1871 will be home to hundreds of entrepreneurs, developers, and designers who are building the next generation of successful digital technology companies in Chicago.

For me, this is one of the most significant and exciting initiatives I have ever been involved in.  It holds great potential for the city we love and thousands of future entrepreneurs. 1871 is a not-for-profit effort totally dedicated to the growth of the digital tech startup community. We stand on the shoulders of all the civic organizations and collaborative spaces that have seeded and helped grow the entrepreneurial community in Chicago over the last decade

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My presentation for the New Options Project Summit on 11-4-10

The largest Internet companies in Chicago


I spend a few hours a week meeting with people who are either a) looking for a job at an Internet company or b) looking to start one.  I always run through a list of both large and interesting (sometimes they are actually both!) Internet companies.  My definition of an Internet company is a company delivers the majority of their service and product over the Internet.  I will create a separate list of folks like United Airlines, Hyatt and Sears who are using the web in significant ways to drive sales. My bias with this particular list is toward the “consumer Internet” because I know less about the agency, consulting and b2b space, so please add some comments about who you would add.

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